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Regardless of whether you're writing a short story, novel, or a screenplay, any kind of storytelling for that matter, the proper structure of your story is tantamount to success.

As I originally got my start as a screenwriter, I was always searching for helpful bits of information regarding the concept of story structure. Of course, like so many others I "grew" in the industry under the Syd Field's three-act paradigm. I've always struggled with this paradigm for my own work. I just felt it something useful at the amateur level, but lacked suitable credibility at the professional level. Some years ago, I discovered John Truby*, a screenwriter, director and screenwriting teacher, who has served as a "script doctor" on over 1,000 screenplays. I recognized in Mr. Truby a compatriot soul who saw the same limitations of the Syd Field Method of storytelling.

After much study, I prepared a form which is based on Mr. Truby's original concepts. Of course, being me, I had to refine it for my own use. It has served me very well over the last decades and I still use it today. In fact, it, along with other forms I created, is the first writing I do when starting my adventure. This goes for 10,000 word short stories, screenplays, or 100,000 word novels. I never proceed without first filling in "my forms."

I have decided to share them with anyone who might want some assistance in kicking off into the world of writing. Writing is a craft. Like anything worth doing, it is worth doing well. I hope you find the resources here of benefit to you as you embark on your own writing career. By the way, all the "forms" are FREE to use and to share. It never hurts to help out a fellow scribe!


The ABCs of Story Structure

Understanding Your Characters (an example of character sketches) (coming soon)

Path of a Story (coming soon)


* - For more fantastic information from a master, please click on the link below:

John Truby's Book






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