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Deep within a swamp near Jacksonville, Florida, lived a very special alligator. His name was Proton Gator. What made Proton so special? He glowed. This glow was very handy when Proton swam in the swamp at night. It was like having headlights shining through the darkness. It was a wonderful gift, but to Proton’s neighbors, his glow was a big problem.


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“Why doesn’t Proton go someplace else?” growled the grouchy old panther. “His glow keeps me awake at night.”

“Yeah, me too,” croaked the bullfrog. “Nighttime is for sleeping. Everybody knows that. Let’s tell him to leave.”


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So, one day all the animals got together and forced Proton to leave the swamp.


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Proton was very sad that he had to leave his home, but as he floated by a dock, he spotted a young boy sitting on it with a fishing pole in his hand and his feet dangling in the cool water.

Proton swam over to the boy and asked what he was doing with that stick in his hand.

“Fishing,” explained the boy.

“Fishing? You catch fish with that stick?” asked Proton.

“Yeah. It has a worm on the end of the hook.

When the fish bites the worm, its mouth gets caught on the hook and I just pull it in,” said the boy.

“Wow!” said Proton. “That is very cool.”


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