Dr. Robert B. Marcus Jr. - Author




Kieron’s Special Friends

Written by

Val Edward Simone and Robert B. Marcus Jr.

Illustrated by Joshua McGill


Kieron, I hope you are back playing soccer real soon.
~ Your Friend, Joshua McGill, Illustrator



Kieron was a special little boy.

Everyone said he was.

He was very smart, but it didn’t make him special. He was very funny, but it didn’t make him special. He was a very nice boy, but it didn’t make him special.

What made Kieron special, was his very good friends, Kato, a lion, Tafari, a tiger, and Gwandoya, a tall giraffe. You see, not everyone has a lion, a tiger and a giraffe for their friends, but Kieron did. They were very happy together.

When Kieron rode his bike to school, Kato, Tafari, and Gwandoya trotted alongside him. When Kieron went to the store, they went with him. And when Kieron played in the park, his special friends were right there as well. In fact, where ever Kieron went, his friends went also. Even in school, they were right behind him, but, of course, Gwandoya had to bend down very low because he was so tall.

Kieron liked to play soccer. He was an excellent player. In fact, he was the best player on the team. He scored more goals than anyone.

On one special day, Kieron had to go to a special hospital and visit a doctor. His friends wanted to go into his room with him, but the doctor said it was not possible. Kieron became very sad and soon he missed his friends very much. They missed him, too. In fact, everyone was sad.

Proton Gator came to visit Kieron one day. Proton turned on his powerful glow because he was so happy to meet a new friend. The next day Kieron felt better, but he was still sad because his special friends were not with him. Proton Gator  thought for a little while and then left the room.

He went to the doctor and explained that young Kieron was getting better, but was still very sad.

“Hmmm,” said the doctor, “I don’t know what to do. What do you think, Proton?”

“Well,” answered Proton, “I heard he was very happy when he came to the hospital with his special friends. I think you should let them visit him in his room. You know, doctor, I think it might make all the other children happier as well.”

“That sounds like a great idea, Proton,” said the doctor. Let’s try it.”

The doctor went to Kieron’s friends and told them to go ahead and visit Kieron. He said he hoped it would make Kieron feel even better.

As Kieron lay sadly in his bed, he heard a growl. When he looked up at the door, he saw his special buddies smiling at him.

“Wow!” he shouted, “You’re here.”

“We never left,” said Kato.

“We will never be far away from you, Kieron,” said Tafari.

“Yeah,” added Gwandoya, “We would never do that.”

Well, Kieron was so happy to see his friends that he jumped up off the bed and hugged them all. Of course, Gwandoya had to bend very low to get his hug.

Kieron crawled up onto Kato’s back and together they rode through the hospital. In no time at all, all the other children felt much better when they saw Kieron and his special friends.

Today, all the children in the hospital are much happier and feeling very good. Kieron, being a special boy, shares his friends with all the other children. Now everyone says that Kieron is even more special.


The End


Kieron, I hope get back to doing fun things with your friends.

~Best wishes to you, Your friend, Val Edward Simone, Author


Kieron, it has been an honor to meet you.

~ Best wishes to you, Your friend, Dr. Robert B. Marcus Jr., Author



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