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After Death


Beyond the Veil



I am approaching my favorite moment of the party. In fact, it is the favorite moment of my life.

I知 about to meet Angeline. I cannot see her, but I know she痴 standing in the far corner of the room with some friends.

Right now I知 bored out of my mind listening to Rudolph Edgers, a young stockbroker whose only interest in life is beer futures. He has the personality of a fencepost, but he does have an expensive Armani suit, dark charcoal in color with very light grey pinstripes. His French cuffs have gold cufflinks. One says, Trust me, and the other says, I知 a stockbroker.

I must be masochistic to always arrive at my first encounter with Angeline by listening to Edgers. I could easily choose to start at the exact moment we meet.

Maybe the torture I知 going through now makes our first encounter even sweeter. Maybe I知 just crazy. I don稚 know, but I always do it this way.

鄭re you interested? asks Edgers hopefully. He doesn稚 know that at this time in my life I have the assets of a homeless man. There isn稚 enough money in my wallet to buy one of his cufflinks, much less an Armani suit or any beer futures. I would have trouble buying even one beer maybe a cheap one would be possible.

哲ot in the least, I reply, grinning at his startled expression and walking toward the bar, where I will meet Angeline.

I知 not sure I believe in the concept of every person having one soulmate but, I do know that for me, Angeline is, and will be, the only woman I ever truly love.

She痴 at the bar, of course. She痴 always there, tall and sleek in her black strapless gown, her red hair a gentle contrast to the dark dress. Her eyes are brown, not blue like many red-heads, and her smile is beckoning as she talks to the bartender.

I know exactly what to say. I always know what to say, because it never changes.

鼎an I buy you a drink? I ask.

Her response is the same as always. 滴ow generous of you, since it is a free bar. Her smile is still friendly.

We talk for a few minutes. She tells me she痴 a cardiologist; I tell her I work for the CIA.

She laughs, tells me I知 lying. I tell her I知 a rich playboy who doesn稚 need to work. She laughs again, tells me I知 lying again.

滴ow do you know? I ask.

添our suit looks like it came from the Salvation Army, and you aren稚 handsome enough to be a rich playboy. She pauses. 添ou池e an accountant, she says. 徹r maybe homeless.

的知 not rich enough to be an accountant, I tell her. 的知 an assistant state attorney.

She says she believes me. We talk some more and then dance to the band playing in the student union. They池e called Mudcrutch, and I watch the lead singer. He has a certain charisma, though his face is long and angular, and not movie star handsome. The band plays well, as it should, since I know they eventually evolve into Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Angeline and I click, as we always do and always will. We go home to my apartment, since my roommates are gone for the weekend. We make love, fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after.

Until she dies ten years later.


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