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Val Edward Simone


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Val Edward Simone



About the Author

Val Edward Simone was born in Seattle, Washington, and has been writing since 1980. His works include novels, screenplays, plays, poetry, short stories, and children’s picture books. Mr. Simone has published adult-themed action/adventure novels; historical fiction novels; several short stories; a collection of thoughts, musings, and observations; and seven children’s picture books and coloring books. He continues to work on several other novels and short stories.

He is also a strong advocate of early childhood reading and continues to work with schools, local libraries, and directly with children through parent-assisted workshops, helping children to discover their own creativity through reading, writing, and drawing.


His websites:

Ekidsland Publishing

Morningside Publishing


He currently lives and works in Arizona.



Val became an Amazon Best Selling Author with his books:

Proton Gator, a children's picture book

Captain Delightable's Magical Tales of a Minchon Warrior

The Wondrous Life of a Long-Ago Man

Into the Light Boldly . . .  an odyssey of self-discovery


As for his short stories:

Manifest Destiny

Dragons Within

The Problem with Dragons

The Unfortunate Dragon

Love Bytes

The Secret Life of Gonnor Andling



He has also achieved #1 Best Selling Author on Smashwords through his two children's books,

Dragons Within (No longer published through Smashwords.)

The Problem with Dragons (No longer published through Smashwords.)




Author's Personal Mission Statement

My mission is to continue growing as an author and a speaker, expressing my driving need to succeed by exercising my ability to quickly adapt to new conditions, to learn quickly, work hard, work smart, and to constantly grow my skill set, by improvising, adapting to, and overcoming any and all challenges, by making the daily effort to be more than I was yesterday; to inspire others to seek out their dreams.




     Val has published the following children's picture books:

The Gingerbread Pony

Sammy Sparrow Spy

Mean Muley McGrudge

Otto and Kevin

The Littlest Bell


Proton Gator - An Amazon Best Seller

(Now Available - Click Here)


The above children's books are intended to impart certain behavioral characteristics in everyday life situations to young children. For more information on his children's books please visit his website, Ekidsland Publishing, LLC. He also provides a fun site for children at his website: Ekidsland . . . for kids only.


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