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Blood Trackers 1 Cover

Blood Trackers:
One Crazy Love Story








    It’s 2080. Mega corporations have taken control of the world’s commerce. They have replaced all the governments. They rule with a vicious fist.
    When the daughter of the head of one of the most powerful corporations is kidnapped, Ira Greer, the best blood tracker on the planet, is contracted to retrieve her from her kidnappers. What Ira doesn’t know though is that he has been framed for the kidnapping. Now he is marked for death and the blood tracker hired to kill him is his former girlfriend, Angelica Sanchez. To make matters worse, Ira trained her. He trained her very well.
    Angelica wants the world to know that she is as good a blood tracker as anyone. If she has to kill her ex-boyfriend to prove it, then that is what she will do.
    From the city to the mountains, the pursuit is bloody and ferocious. Mind games are played and no one plays them any better than these two blood trackers. The action is unstoppable right up to the surprising end.
    The most harrowing adventure you’ll read this year!



Blood Trackers 2 Cover

Blood Trackers 2:
Revenge of an Angel








It’s 2080. Angelica Sanchez has just escaped from a watery would-be grave. First she needs to heal. Then she needs some payback. Ira Greer, Angelica’s ex-lover, shot her and left her for dead and she is now determined to put more than just a few rounds into him in response.

Along with fellow former blood tracker Jeremiah "Sandman" Stone, Ira Greer is in hot pursuit of Tyson Dumont, the former head of the Eternal Corporation, now a fugitive on the run. As they are closing in on Dumont, they learn that Angelica has come to town to "reconnect" with Ira.

There’s only one problem. Angelica is still in love with Ira. So what’s a girl to do? Well, as Angelica puts it: "You know what they say: ‘You always shoot the one you love.’"

Prepare yourself for a crazy romp across borders that will leave bodies in the streets and you breathless—all for the sake of dysfunctional love! It’s the Revenge of an Angel.



The Wondrous Life of

a Long-Ago Man






In 1830, Thomas Bartholomew Cantfield is shipwrecked on a small uncharted island in the South Pacific. Alone and fearing that he may never be rescued, Thomas begins journalizing his time marooned on the island.

Experiencing devastating loneliness, ferocious pirate attacks, and the unexpected appearance of other people, he begins to question the very foundation of his sanity. With the arrival of a seemingly magical bird, he comes to suspect that the island is a wondrous and miraculous place that exists solely to take care of him.

His incredible story unfolds to tell a tale of adventure, mystery, and survival—and of an indomitable will to persevere in the face of his most trying challenge ever.

Join Thomas in the wondrous account of a man determined to be more than he was ever meant to be.


Into the Light Boldly

. . . an odyssey of self-discovery





An unorthodox and controversial slap to the face of the status quo, Into the Light Boldly … an odyssey of self-discovery, an audacious new novel by Amazon Best Selling Author, Val Edward Simone, is a shockingly frank, honest, and daring undertaking regarding death and dying a most frightening subject.

Mr. Simone’s fearless assault on the standards of established philosophy, religion, and storytelling rushes the reader along on a breathtakingly wild ride into the spiritual world never before explored in this way.

It’s a bareback dash on galloping honesty, a crazy and bold space shot into the universal unknown, a valiant and carefree dance with the devil into the realms of the spirit on its way toward an eccentric understanding of what might be waiting for us on the other side of this life — the mysterious world of life after life. Meld with the mind of a master storyteller and delve into a new view of an age-old terror.

The paradigm is shifting. There’s a new order of thought regarding our place in the hereafter.

Will you be one of those unafraid to explore this new thinking?

Will you be one of those unafraid to step into the light boldly?


Shadow on the Stars

Shadow on the Stars
Robert B. Marcus Jr.



As a telepath Camarch is despised by humanity.

Pursued by the authorities for a crime he didn’t commit and haunted by a paralyzing alien force, he finds himself aboard the starship Birmingham.

To his horror he learns he has been virtually kidnapped from his time and place to play a role far in the future. Amid the mind-bending ruins of C’hah Lai, Camarch discovers that juggling the future has devastating ramifications for the past.


Amazon & Kindle



Memories of Darkness

Memories of Darkness


Robert B. Marcus Jr.





Three compelling novelettes of mankind's distant past

 and far future encompassing man's ardent hopes,
desperate wishes, and dreadful fears.


The Ninth Circle

An agent from the future is sent into the past to retrieve a scientist who holds the key to mankind's future.

The Darkness to Come

An alien scientist has to convince the population of his world that the future of their planet is very limited unless they take immediate action.


Two human archeologists try to discover the origin of the aliens who built incredible ruins about to be devoured by a black hole.


Amazon & Kindle



Captain Delightable

Captain Delightable’s Magical Tales

of a Minchon Warrior






In the genre of Dan Millman’s “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, join Captain Delightable on a gentle journey — a story that traverses Space-Time and tells of a love that grows through the ages — to discover what is real while searching for the answer to one amazing question: What is possible if one truly believes?

Former Ship’s Captain, Cornelius Alexander Delightable, claims he is a 150-year-old Minchon Warrior. Personally trained in Universal Truths and Values by the High Priest on the mystical island of Minchon, he declares himself to be in possession of special magical powers.

While his granddaughter worries the old man is suffering from the ravaging effects of senility, she tries to manage her life and the lives of her children without the aid of her father and husband who were both killed in World War I.

The captain’s great-grandchildren, Robert and Wendy, however, are convinced the captain’s every word is true.


See "Links" for the Artist Yoo Choong Yeul's artwork.
Thank you, my friend.


The Firestone Cover





A lost language is revealed.

An ancient technology is uncovered.

The end of the world is close at hand.


Twenty-five thousand years ago, a powerful device destroyed an entire civilization and sunk their island nation to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico through its misuse.

It is about to be rediscovered.

Hannibal Storm, a brilliant but less than renowned archaeologist, may have stumbled upon the definitive alternative energy source. It is clean, wireless, renewable, and it can either transform the world into a paradise—or destroy it completely.

The world's governments have sent their assassins to kill Hannibal before he can make this energy source available to all - FREE.

Join Hannibal in his quest to reclaim the ultimate energy alternative as he searches for…


The Firestone!


Is Mankind ready for this?



Once Upon a Harbor

Once upon a Harbor

Planned for 2015

In 1812, former ship captain Benjamin Elias Wallington is living a retired life in his old stone mansion near the harbor in Charleston, South Carolina. As an English citizen, he is extremely saddened by the new war between his former homeland, Great Britain, and his newly adopted land, the U.S.A.

Feeling great compassion for five "special" children, ‘the children of the flames,’ who all lost their parents on the same night in the ‘great town hall fire of 1809,’ he tries to bring some measure of stability to their shattered lives.

In the midst of it all, however, he remains haunted by his own tragic past. To make matters worse, time is growing desperately short for the work he must complete.

A Little Twist of Murder

A Little Twist
of Murder

Planned for 2016


Brad and Dominic, business partners, are in a bit of trouble and it seems that everyone wants them dead. Toss in an added cast of shady and inept characters, along with a police detective whose only wish is to retire to an isolated Caribbean island and live out his life in peace, and you have the makings for a wild and hilarious romp.
It’s anyone’s guess who’ll survive A Little Twist of Murder!


Chad Trutt


Falling in Love With My Own Demise

Falling in Love

With My Own Demise


Planned for 2017


There are some who would say that together, firearms and a crazy lover are she-demons best to be avoided. For me, both were love at first sight. And the wild affair lasted years. It was a delirious time for me. It was a glorious time for them. And it served them well. Until their loving embrace nearly destroyed me.
       The echo of their words haunts me still. Their adoring and terrible voice, their tender, enveloping expressions beckoning me onward to my doom.
        Their voice is sweet. Their voice is pure. There is no deceit in their alluring words—they want me dead!

Bob's Book

My Life Before the

Bottle Went Dry


   “Zany, insane, crazy fun, and morbidly dark”

 These are just some of the adjectives that will come to your mind as you read the poems and short stories of Robert Henry Walz.

Robert lived his whole existence in anticipation of one day setting down his life experiences in a single book of poetry and short stories.

From his “wild child” youth, through his terror-filled times as a Marine in Vietnam, to his seemingly self-destructive life that followed, Robert lived with a verve that can only be expressed through his poetry and short stories contained here.

Add to this, the zany attempt of “suicide by Taliban” when he ventured into Afghanistan alone, only to discover the value of life — that’s an adventure sure to excite. Still, such a trip only served to scream all the more about what Robert wanted in his life . . . to go out in a blaze of glory. So, it is very strange that one who lived to die ultimately discovered the joy of being alive. He expressed this best through his unique artwork and writing.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will ask yourself why. The crazy life of Robert Henry Walz is here in black and white for all to enjoy . . . to accept or to reject.

Whatever your final verdict, you will be entertained.


eBook - Smashwords                        Printed - Amazon

The Story Cover


. . . Sometimes it has a life of its own!


Planned for 2015

After making radical changes to a novel already started, an unwitting author finds his life suddenly turned upside down and inside out. As events become increasingly more bizarre and unpredictable, he realizes that he has been forced into a battle for his very life against an unseen foe deliberately trying to destroy him.





The Miracle Cover

The Miracle of Donner Blue

. . . sometimes even heaven needs a helping hand

Planned for 2015

Sometimes, for no particular reason and in the most unexpected ways, heaven sends special gifts to Earth. Sometimes those wonderful little blessings just pop into our lives without us even asking for them. They are called miracles. Sometimes they are great. Sometimes they are small. But who can argue the point that whatever their size, they are always amazing. Sometimes, however, even heaven needs a helping hand.


A Minute of Forever Cover

A Minute of Forever

After a young teen girl is involved in a terrible traffic accident, she is rescued by a special firefighter. A beautiful and gentle story of love and compassion.





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